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= Welcome to Denmark =  to Denmark =
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  • to Denmark =

This is an entrance letter to ALL migrants.

When you arrive in Denmark, you enter the pool of 55.000 migrants - there are only 3 ways to leave this status.

  1. Assimilate to all Danish values, laws and customs
  2. Leave DK by free will
  3. Get deported from the country as described below (deportation include a plane (better be honest about where you are from, otherwise we decide), parachute (I am not trying to kill you) and heavy military boots to ensure you get out of the plane!

In Denmark there are some rules that cannot be violated.

  • Women are free, independent beings and chooses themselves what they wish to wear, who they want to be with - you do NOT fondle them or specifically RAPE - violation of this rule will result in immediate deportation with plane, parachute and heavy military boots in your butt.

  • Age of consent is 15 years - violating this rule may result in immediate eviction from Denmark - age of consent enters into ALL relationships - you cannot cover yourself under family or culture. If you marry a 13 yo in Syria you forfeit your chance for a Danish residency . that is illegal in DK and I do not care if it legal where you come from.

  • Law is ALWAYS above religion or culture

  • Denmark works with separation between religion and law (we do have some old Christianity in there, but it is pretty hard to find) - it is basically a secular society and it will stay that way! We do not care if you are Buddhist, Hindi, Christian or Muslim as long as you do not try to force us to convert or try to kill us. Being free to speak also means all religions are up for making fun of - ie, I reserve my right to write "Mohammed was a killer and a war-monger", "Jesus never amounted to anything", "Budda is so fat he should have his own zip-code". People may call this hate-speech, but in DK we really do not care - you are free to say what you want (under the law of course - some few restrictions do apply). The bible is just a book, and so is the Quaran

  • Claiming to be under age when sentencing may result in increased penalty if found to be wrong - do not attempt to claim you are 13 when all research points to you being 19 - we have progressed beyond stoning but not deportation!
  • Attempts to perform actions against non-combatants (ie. terror, need better definition because "terror" is such a misused word) are handled with a swift deportation
  • Learn Danish - it is a lot harder to throw somebody under the bus when they speak your language - it is not an easy language (north Germanic and even the natives sometimes makes mistakes). It also helps a lot in step 1 "Become a Dane"
  • Taxes are high - they need to be to pay for all the goodness like free education and health care - do not cheat - that is frowned upon in DK and reflects badly on all immigrants.

Follow the country's culture or leave - you did not come here to bring your sh.t here!

We have a great country here and we do not intend to let you ruin it with your middle-age ideas - in 1100 AD Arabia was great but seems to have stayed there while we moved on through 2 great wars and a couple of skirmishes and some colonialism we are not so proud of, but we accept them and move on


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